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IT Deployment

Deployment services emphasis on different activities required to bring entirely developed solutions into fabrication.

IT Deployment

Deciding on the best solution to meet the objectives that too within budget is only part of the IT equation. Putting the investment to work and integrating new products or services takes time as well as expertise. Itelenet has a field-tested and proven history of deployment management, managing system upgrades as well as asset management and configuration.

Our team’s enthusiastic availability and all-encompassing knowledge mean the customers can see their investments in action easier, capitalize on their benefits, and innovate faster all according to industry best practices.


Our deployment approach

It includes getting new software or hardware up and running suitably in its environment. It also includes installation, configuration, running, testing and making required changes.
Multisite deployment is successful when everything is managed seamlessly. From conception to ribbon-cutting, we have the right resources and expertise to provide complex projects.

Site survey

First of all, we take stock of your current network infrastructure and end-user devices to ensure the project is on the right track.

Installation of technology

Our technology and expertise ensure customization at every deployment based on the client’s inclinations and limitations.

Post-implementation support

Asset disposition helps in maximizing your old hardware’s value, making sure data wiping is secure, and meets EPA compliance during disposal.