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Cloud Solutions

Big Data

Analyzing big data allows the specialists, researchers and business consumers to make improved and right decisions using the data, which was unapproachable or unusable.

Data Science Solution

Data science services can share and implement data science best performs to drive the decision-making with cautious forecasting and current root-cause analytics.

Data Governance

Data governance is an assortment of processes, roles, policies, standards and metrics that confirm the real and competent use of information that allow an organization to achieve their goals.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are driving a huge transformation across the world among developers, users, enterprises in the way they access information, design/develop/implement applications, and manage cost and infrastructure. Itelenet understands the various benefits of cloud computing and with its use, we help organizations to keep pace with the transformation.

Meet their future needs

We allow businesses to meet their future needs and dynamically scale cloud solutions as per their requirements. We help companies build cloud solutions from scratch as well as facilitate the migration and maintenance of existing applications to cloud platforms.

Enable the design

We enable the design, development, integration, and launch of an effective cloud-based application for different companies across the world.

Tools we use:


With Amazon Simple Storage Service, we offer industry-leading scalability, data availability, security as well as performance. We use AWS S3 to store and retrieve any amount of data at anytime from anywhere.


Amazon Redshift being a completely achieved petabyte-scale cloud-based data warehouse product is used for large-scale data set storage and analysis. It is also used to execute extensive database migrations.


Matillion ETL is purpose-built for the cloud. It is generally integrated with Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Synapse, and Data Lake on Databricks to help one take benefit of the power, flexibility, and economics of the cloud.
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