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Services Offered By A Database Management Service Provider

A database management service provider provides ongoing network, application, infrastructure and security support services in the enterprise data center. Although many database managed service providers offer a variety of custom services, there are a number of services that every enterprise service provider of database managed should offer.

Database Assessments

When you first approach a database managed services provider, it is common for them to first perform an assessment to better understand your environment and goals, and to get a baseline of systems so that performance can be measured over time. Assessments provide an enterprise view as well as a holistic view of your data environment so management and DBAs can better prioritize and plan for data systems needs. Depending on what the database management service provider such as iTelenet offers, other aspects may be included in this evaluation.

Database monitoring and management

Service providers of database management monitor the health of servers and databases in your environments to ensure that your servers are functioning well and remain available. Database server monitoring can be both proactive and reactive, and the goal of a managed service provider is to proactively detect and prevent as many outages or failures as possible. When considering a managed service provider, ask if they use dynamic thresholds, employ machine learning, and tailor their monitoring and alerting templates to the workload of the systems.

Database and system maintenance is critical to the health of any database system and should include patching databases, indexing, statistics, etc. These key aspects involved in maintenance are tasks your database managed services provider can focus on and take on to help your team stay on track with your business goals and high-value tasks. Even if your database server is hosted in the cloud, which provides backups and some maintenance, there are other important tasks that need to be performed by your managed service provider to keep systems healthy and protected.

Capacity planning

A critical aspect of optimizing the performance and cost of any deployment is proper sizing of servers and database instances. A database managed services provider should optimize and right-size instances and database instances monthly based on application utilization, resource consumption and business growth. All of this is especially true in a cloud environment where it is a utility compute model that is billed based on usage.

Consulting Services

Not only may you want your database managed services provider to monitor and manage your system, but you may also want them to act as a strategic partner to prepare for and guide your business growth. Many next-generation database managed services providers offer consulting services that constantly monitor the health, workload, and capacity of database instances to ensure that systems are ready to process business workloads.

Overall, the database management companies should have a diverse data team with deep knowledge that enables them to work with your team to develop and implement next-generation systems and initiatives around data. iTelenet is a leading company that offers services for big data management, master data management and cloud computing solution to the enterprises to efficiently store theri growing data.

24/7 Database Support

Critical issues can occur at any time – any time of the day, night, weekends, and even holidays. That’s why it’s important to turn to a database managed services provider that can support your systems 24/7 and be on call at all times. It’s almost impossible for one or two DBAs to effectively support an environment 24/7 all year round. In the event of a system outage, no matter what time of day, make sure your managed service provider is available to get your systems back up and running, especially if your company operates or provides services at all hours of the day.

Performance optimization and troubleshooting

Any database managed services provider you choose should be experts in troubleshooting and optimizing your database instances, such as SQL Server instances, and your code. When looking for optimal performance optimization, the more skills your database managed services provider has, the better. The higher the level of expertise in performance optimization, the more money you will save over time by right-sizing server instances and lowering your licensing costs while increasing the performance of systems for business users.

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