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Data Integration

Why master data management is gaining all the popularity?

Master Data Management (MDM) helps in providing success to an organization. With the right solutions, organizations can successfully manage and leverage their most valued shared information assets. Because of the strategic significance of MDM, organizations cannot afford to make any errors when picking the right solution. In this article, you can learn about master data […]

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Unlock Your Business Growth with iTelenet’s Best Data Modernization Solution

Organizations have made data modernization one of their top priorities because it enables them to create optimal data experiences that include useful, actionable insights and API-driven application connections. The goal is to adapt to the real-time demands of a rapidly changing business environment and the implementation of a centralized data analytics lake is required. If […]

Data Integration

5 Tips for Successful Data Modernization Solution

For any modern business captivated on curating and upgrading the data architecture to augment their data core, data modernization is not only noteworthy but also important. To gain best worth, accelerate operations and diminish capital expenditure, companies need to create and manage a modern as well as a scalable data platform. Correspondingly, it is essential […]

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Let’s understand the Power of Power BI

Are you facing difficulties in providing more accurate reporting and analysis? Is it getting difficult to understand the latest trends, market conditions or respond to change quickly? Do you have trouble obtaining important business reports? Or is it getting very challenging to convert the raw data into actionable insights? If yes, then Power BI is […]

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