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Unlock Your Business Growth with iTelenet’s Best Data Modernization Solution

Organizations have made data modernization one of their top priorities because it enables them to create optimal data experiences that include useful, actionable insights and API-driven application connections. The goal is to adapt to the real-time demands of a rapidly changing business environment and the implementation of a centralized data analytics lake is required. If you are looking for a data modernization solution in the UK, you can turn to iTelenet – one of the leading master data management companies in the UK. 

Businesses need to leverage a consistent data structure and cycle to get predictable data that can be benchmarked against evolving business needs. The flood of data from a world of connected people and things has increased the demand for modern data landscapes and advanced analytics to transform data into rich business resources that can be leveraged to drive positive business outcomes. Thanks to data modernization solutions in the UK and advances in technology, the new data landscape is no longer constrained by limitations in volume, structure and timing.

Data modernization is the procedure of stirring siloed data from inheritance databases to modern cloud-based databases or lakes. iTelenet’s data modernization solutions enable organizations to be agile and eliminate inefficiencies, bottlenecks and unnecessary complexity associated with legacy systems. A modernized data platform enables efficient data migration, rapid data ingestion, scalable and optimized storage, and advanced near real-time interactive analytics, self-service discovery and exploration based on good data governance. 

5 Tips for Successful Data Modernization Solution

iTelenet also offers data cleansing and reposting services to help organizations cleanse and securely repost their data. Cleansing and modernizing your data is the fastest way to transform your business into an analytical and data-driven enterprise. Modernization today is more about transforming the business to achieve specific business goals, not just pure cost-cutting and technological gimmicks to stay relevant. Therefore, aligning with a cloud-first strategy by consolidating disparate solutions becomes key to making digital transformation a new priority – from optional to vital.

Data cleansing services allow you to correct data in a database or delete inaccurate records. Data referred to as “dirty” files that are inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant should be cleansed.
The importance of data cleansing 

Accurate data is important. Data impacts every department in an organization and has financial implications. When you have accurate data, your data analysis shows results that are consistent with past and current events in your organization. This allows each department to rely on this information to make decisions.

Data cleansing is the process of changing data to ensure it is accurate and correct. A data set is checked both manually and against various databases:

  • To remove duplicate copies
  • Remove or change incorrect information, such as physical addresses or outdated emails
  • Remove files of deceased persons
  • Remove records of people who have opted out of communications through services such as the MPS (Mail Preference Service)

A clean and accurate record ensures that communications are sent only to individuals who have a genuine interest or benefit.

At iTelenet, you will be able to avail a complete data management solution including data modernization, integration, cleaning, reposting, etc.