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Make Your Data Simple With The Right Database Management Service

Advances in technology have opened the floodgates to endless amounts of data flowing into the system. With this enormous amount of data flowing in from various sources and in various formats, it becomes a critical task for organizations to store, process and manage this data. This is even more true in today’s data-driven world, where data has become the key to business success. Moreover, legacy systems are unable to handle the overwhelming influx of complex data. This is where Database Management Service comes into play. A robust and efficient database management system will solve all your data worries and give your business the power to lead.

Choosing the right database

With so many database options available today in both open and closed source database categories, it’s important to choose a database solution that matches the volume and variety.

SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) has led to a data explosion that is overwhelming for existing DBMS. Large volumes of data are being generated every second by a far-flung network of data sources – images, graphics, hypertext, documents, etc. Legacy systems are proving inadequate to handle this scale of data management, which is when the more agile and modern non-relational (NoSQL) databases come into play. To handle such immense generation of data, Big Data Management Services are required. Not only are they capable of handling complex data management requirements, but they also offer numerous database options for different requirements and data types. NoSQL provides the foundation for big data and analytics, enabling companies to make highly informed strategic decisions.


By engaging the Database Management Service of a top data management company, businesses can avail world-class services. The experts from the data management team are well versed with both open and closed source databases and help you implement the most suitable solutions after a thorough assessment of the business requirements and business goals. The data management service providers have certified consultants to help clients design, plan, set up and install, recover and upgrade databases and effectively monitor them 24/7. 

iTelenet is one of the leading providers of Big Data management services. With years of experience, the company has a deep understanding and extensive experience in database management to ensure the highest availability and optimal performance. In the era of data-driven enterprises, iTelenet is well equipped to meet the new data management requirements and leverage Big Data and analytics.

iTelenet’s Big Data Management Services facilitate data management; the database engine enables data access, locking and modification; and the database schema defines the logical structure of the database. These three basic elements provide concurrency, security, data integrity, and uniform data management procedures. Typical database administration tasks supported by DBMS include change management, performance monitoring and tuning, security, and backup and recovery. Most database management systems are also responsible for automatic rollbacks and restarts, as well as logging and auditing activities in databases and the applications that access them.

The DBMS provides a centralized view of data that can be accessed in a controlled manner by multiple users from different locations. With Database Management Service, you can restrict what data the end user sees and how they see the data by providing many views of a single database schema.

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