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Data Cleaning: Everything you need to know

Data is any business’s key to success these days. The assortment and use of data are fuelling business decisions. The information gleaned from data offers insights on customer preferences, behaviors, and more. Having inaccurate data make increases your business risks. 

What is data cleaning? 

Data cleaning is the process of correcting data in a database or deleting inaccurate records. When you have appropriate data, your data analysis demonstrates results that are in line with past and up-to-date happenings within your business. Every department be it marketing, sales, compliance, finance, operations, etc. count on data to make decisions. Data cleaning and reposting services are the need of the hour. 

Data quality 

It is important to keep the right data. They should be relevant to achieving business goals and complete. They should be accurate and need to be consistent. The use of the same units of measurement through the database, the frequency at which the data is updated, and the ability to locate the data’s source. 

The Data cleaning process 

The data cleaning process extents four main landmarks, including inspection, cleaning, authenticating, and reporting. They comprise data auditing, visualizations, software packages, workflow specification, and much more. Overall data cleaning consists of irrelevant data, supplicates, type conversion, syntax errors, missing values, workflow execution, post-processing, and controlling. 

Good quality data sourcing 

You can take the time to nip bad data in the bud by investing in quality data sourcing which comprises of: 

· Commitment to data quality culture

· Spend money to enhance data entry environment

· Spend money to enhance application integration

· Promote interdepartmental cooperation

· Continuously measure and enhance the quality of data

Why you should go for data cleaning? 

Cleaning data promptly will serve your business with different benefits. The various other benefits include: 

  • Streamline best practices 
  • Augmented productivity 
  • Faster sales cycle 
  • Better decisions 
  • Increases the efficacy of customer gaining activities 
  • Increases revenue 
  • Enhances decision-making process 
  • Enhances compliance and reduces risks
  • Enhances the integrity of finance data

Challenges with data cleaning 

There are some challenges with data cleaning to overcome and with Cloud computing Solutions you can find the right solution. Here is a look at some of its pain points: 

Error correction and loss of information: The primary solution for missing data can result in lost information. If this happens often, it can result in the deletion of costly as well as expansive data. 

Maintenance of cleansed data: Once the data has been cleansed the first time, you will not clean it again and again. Moreover, it also needs that you keep a lineage of cleansed data and separate the clean data from new. 

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